Go Away Germs! 7 Simple Home Renovations to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

  • Leslye Fligor
  • 06/30/24

Go Away Germs! 7 Simple Home Renovations to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

By Leslye Fligor

As the Coronavirus continues to be a part of our daily lives with no end anytime soon, our collective
attention to household cleanliness and the germs within is at an all-time high. As we’re spending more
time than ever in our homes, it’s not surprising that upgrading our kitchens and bathrooms is high on
many people’s renovation wish list! If you’re improving these spaces, while you’re at it, you just might
want to incorporate the following simple renovations that help to reduce germs.

  1. Install touchless faucets
    Installing a touchless faucet is relatively easy to do. Great for both kitchens and baths the
    touchless faucet means no handles or knobs which can gather germs or create opportunity for
    cross-contamination after handwashing or handling food. Besides, touchless faucets are fun to
  2. Use automatic soap dispensers
    Washing hands is not just standard hygiene, but considered essential in staying healthy and
    keeping the virus at bay. Commercial grade automatic soap dispensers can be installed in all
    your sinks, or you can get battery operated soap dispensers which do not require installation.
    Upgrade your toilets to “smart toilets”
    How cool are smart toilets?! Many come equipped with digital controls, touchless flushing, and
    Bluetooth connectivity, plus self-cleaning features to “relieve you” of your toilet-scrubbing
  3. Implement smart lighting for touchless illumination
    Every time you touch a light switch, you’re spreading germs. Light switches are considered one
    of the dirtiest surfaces in your house. Switching to a smart lighting system can help reduce the
    transmission of germs, as you can control lights from your phone – when you’re home and when
    you’re not.
  4. Eliminate contact with smart door locks
    Just like light switches, door locks can harbor and breed germs as people go in and out of the
    house. Digital keypads and smart door locks help to reduce human surface contact. Cool
    features are keyless options, voice activation, and biometric identifiers.
  5. Spend more time outside with year-round space heaters
    Keeping your activities outside can help minimize the risk of transmitting the virus. Why not
    enjoy your home’s exterior spaces with an outdoor patio heater? They can be purchased for as
    little as $150, and you can enjoy al fresco dining in your own backyard!
  6. Try on a sanitizing closet for size
    Utilized extensively in retail clothing stores to minimize the spread of pathogens after people
    have tried on clothing, closets in your home can become sanitizing closets, too. The use of
    ultraviolet light can greatly reduce the spread of germs from getting beyond your mudroom.
    Any or all the above home improvement ideas will be appreciated long after the coronavirus is
    eventually under control. Clean homes improve our health and ultimately, our happiness.

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